• You Always Remember Your First

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    Couples Renovating Their First Home

    We’re looking for youthful, outgoing couples who are buying and renovating their first homes.

    This exciting new television series follows the journey of 5 unique couples from all corners of the country
    as they make the biggest purchase of their lives, and renovate it to turn it into the home of their dreams.


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    Are you a licensed contractor? Do you have what it takes to be on TV? Think you could be the next Holmes or Bryan Baeumler?

    Peacock Alley Entertainment is producing a brand new home renovation series and we’re casting for an all-star contractor! We’re looking for big personalities with contracting experience, that can take on everything from gutting and rebuilding entire kitchens, to reworking floor plans, and designing entire back room extensions.

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    You know anything and everything about celebrity pop culture. Daily Banter between you and your best friends about the latest nipple slip and crotch shot caught by the Paparazzi could be a 30-minute sitcom in itself. TMZ, The Soup and Chelsea Lately fill up your PVR and Parez Hilton overruns your twitter stream.

    If you think you’d be the perfect counterpart to our panel show, click on the button below!

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    Looking for specialists in conflict resolution and have dealt with every possible family dispute. You will act as an on-screen mediator to prevent major family crises before they spiral out of control.

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    You can transform the most derelict spaces into works of art, worthy of their own magazine spread. You are determined to make it to the top, even if that means crushing the competition along the way.

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