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The BANFF World Media Festival has announced its nominees, and Peacock Alley Entertainment’s UNUSUALLY THICKE has been nominated in the Reality category of the 2015 Rockie Awards. Results will be announced at the 2015 Rockie Awards Gala, held June 10th, 2015.

About Unusually Thicke

UNUSUALLY THICKE sees TV’s favourite Dad, Alan Thicke, in the role of his life.

As a reality-sitcom hybrid, UNUSUALLY THICKE follows the hilarious, action-packed and dramatic daily lives of Alan, feisty younger wife Tanya, and sarcastic teenaged son Carter.

Throughout its first season, UNUSUALLY THICKE featured a line-up of hilarious and surprising celebrity guest-star appearances, including many of Alan’s fellow alumni from the Growing Pains cast, Bill Maher, Minnie Driver, Gilbert Gottfried, and a hilarious turn from David Hasselhoff as Alan’s rival to be cast in a male-enhancement commercial, among many others.

Season Two of Unusually Thicke will air in 2015 on HGTV in Canada, POP in the US.

About The Rockie Awards

“The largest competition in entertainment programming is back.

No other program competition in the world celebrates quality television and digital content in such a vast scope as BANFF does. With 26 categories across drama, non-fiction, entertainment, digital, and kids & youth, the program attracts over a thousand entries from more than 40 countries annually.

Nominees and winners are chosen by a jury of over 250 peers and professionals working in entertainment and media across the globe. Each year, the list of nominees represents a first-rate roster of high-calibre content.”

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